Sustainability governance

To ensure clear responsibilities and focus, Fiskars Group has renewed the governance model regarding how sustainability is managed throughout the company. Key responsibilities and internal stakeholders are defined in the chart below.

The Board of Directors is the ultimate decision-maker, and approves Fiskars’ sustainability approach and ambition level. The Board of Directors also regularly evaluates progress against the key performance indicators and conducts a comprehensive review of the sustainability approach and ambition once a year.

Fiskars Group Leadership Team sets the ambition level for Fiskars’ sustainability approach, signs off on the sustainability report, compliance and data. Sustainability is part of the regular agenda of the Executive Leadership Team.

The Strategic Business Units are responsible for integrating sustainability into business strategies, operations and brands’ purpose. The Strategic Business Units also contribute and advance sustainability and track progress in dedicated leadership team meetings.

The Sustainability Leadership Team meets four times a year and reviews sustainability KPI’s every quarter. The Sustainability Leadership Team discusses topical items and reviews target setting. The Sustainability Leadership Team prepares proposals for the approval of the Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team. Members in the Sustainability Leadership Team represent the supply chain, Strategic Business Units, HR, risk management, and corporate sustainability.

The Sustainability contributors are key contributors who work with sustainability related topics in alignment with the KPI’s. They have a key role in managing the sustainability focus areas, gathering data and reporting.

The Ethics Advisory Group is responsible for directing management’s efforts to foster a culture of high ethical conduct within Fiskars Group. The Ethics Advisory Group’s role is to oversee, recognizing that management is responsible for putting Fiskars Group’s  values, Code of Conduct and Anti-Corruption, and Anti-Bribery measures into practice throughout Fiskars Group.