Caring for people and communities

We are a globally diverse team with a shared mission. Our aim is to create an environment where our people are engaged and enabled to do their best, and we believe key ingredient in achieving this is to invest in continuous learning and development. Success is measured every day by achieving great results, creating extraordinary consumer experiences and learning new capabilities.

Empowering and inspiring leadership is another key element needed in transforming Fiskars Group into a company with iconic lifestyle brands. For us, great leadership is about providing direction, inspiring and empowering others to do their best, supporting their professional development, and creating an environment of trust and openness, and embracing value-based behaviours.

Our consumer promise – making the everyday extraordinary – drives us to invent and craft solutions that transform daily activities into moments of delight, and we believe that the more inspired we are the more innovative and efficient we can become.

Learning and development

At Fiskars, we want to inspire and empower people to learn, bring in new ideas, skills, technologies and views. We promote a growth mindset and provide our employees with tools and opportunities to build their careers in a constantly changing world.

The Fiskars Group’s learning philosophy is based on the 70-20-10 principle, which means that 70% of learning happens on the job, 20% when learning together with others, and only 10% of learning comes from courses or other formal studies.

Learning on the job

Learning starts from everyone’s everyday work. We must continuously seek ways to do our jobs better to respond to the changing demands and challenges. Acknowledging this is the first step – after that it is up to everyone to take the lead and drive their own development. We believe learning can be about taking small steps out from one’s comfort zone through a new project or task, or it can be about questioning the status quo and improving ways of working with a new perspective. It is about trying out ideas, failing fast and learning fast, and embracing the risk of mistakes.

Learning from each other

Whether in a formal or casual setting, we all accumulate a lot of knowledge and build our perspectives throughout our working lives. At Fiskars, we believe that skills and competences learned from other people are by nature richer than information learned from study books.

To help people find ways to learn from one another, Fiskars Group invests in many learning opportunities, such as a mentoring program that pairs junior and senior employees, 360° feedback and evaluation, and team development activities.

Learning by studying

Fiskars Group has a global learning development platform and offering that has been designed to support Fiskars’ business objectives. We have several online learning opportunities that can be completed anywhere, anytime. Some of our training is mandatory to all of our employees, such as learning the Fiskars Code of  Conduct.

Developing leadership skills

In today’s world, organizations change and evolve all the time. To help people thrive, we develop leadership skills so that our leaders can support and inspire, attract and retain our talented employees. We believe that leadership is more than a managerial role. Leadership creates the foundation for Fiskars Group’s culture and we support our leaders in making this happen. We also encourage all Fiskars Group’s employees to be accountable, and innovative and build openness and collaboration in their interactions. Fiskars Group’s values are ingrained in everything we do.

Health and safety

Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our employees and people involved in our value chain is our key priority. We have made a firm commitment to guarantee a safe working environment to all our employees, and to continuously improve our health and safety performance. We work hard to reduce incidents, and have improved our hazard awareness and near-miss reporting throughout our value chain.

We actively promote a culture of zero harm, and believe that safety is our shared responsibility. We expect all employees to be proactive in helping us to prevent any accidents and work-related illnesses. We place a high emphasis on ensuring that everyone at Fiskars Group is effectively trained to carry out their duties in a safe manner.

We actively undertake and review risk assessments in an effort to continuously improve our health and safety standards in the light of new technology, legislation and best practices. We not only have to comply with all applicable laws and regulations but also ensure that safety is never compromised.

Promoting a culture of zero harm

Fiskars Group’s safety target for 2027 is to have zero Lost Time Incidents*, taking into account not just our own employees, but our contractors and suppliers as well. We are already well on our way towards this goal.

Our expectations for our suppliers’ safety management are specified in our Fiskars Group Supplier Code of Conduct, an agreement that is signed and approved by every supplier before we start collaboration. We regularly audit our suppliers, and work with them to continuously improve their safety standards.

* A lost-time incident is defined as an occurrence that resulted in time lost from work of one day or more

Respecting human rights

We have a tremendous opportunity to impact people’s lives throughout our value chain, and we promote human rights and equal opportunities in everything we do.

We are committed to honoring universal human rights in all our actions. Our commitment is deeply ingrained in our values and articulated in our policies. Fiskars values – teamwork, innovation, accountability and integrity – all build on respect; we respect each other, and hold each other accountable for upholding our values in everything we do.

The Fiskars Group Code of Conduct provides a detailed description of our approach to doing business in an ethical and sustainable manner. To help all our employees implement these principles and guidelines in their everyday work, we organize regular mandatory trainings.

We expect the same values and high ethical standards from our suppliers and partners. The Fiskars Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the standards all our suppliers and partners must meet in order to do business with Fiskars Group. All of our suppliers are required to sign and commit to the Supplier Code of Conduct, and we run regular audits to ensure that our requirements are met.

We recognize the value of cooperation and support our suppliers in their efforts to develop and improve their performance. In 2015 we launched a Strategic Development Program for our key suppliers to systematically develop our supplier’s performance in several areas, one of the most important ones being human rights.

Community engagement

Responsible business has been at the core of Fiskars’ longterm success all throughout its history. We are committed to taking care of the people who create our products, and to developing the communities where we operate.

We have three core areas in our work with the communities. First is the environment; we protect and foster the environment we live in. The second area is children; we believe every child is entitled to a safe and happy childhood. The third area is culture; we take responsibility for safeguarding and developing the local cultural heritage. In terms of culture, the Fiskars Village in Finland will always be of particular importance, as that is the place where our company was born.

SOS Children's Villages Finland

One of our commitments with children is our partnership with SOS Children's Villages Finland, aiming to support young people, who have grown up in SOS Children’s Villages. Fiskars Group donates packages of tableware and kitchenware to help young people to start an independent life in their first own home.

The packages have been highly necessary and have been very important and appreciated gifts for young people.

Fiskars Village

Fiskars Group gives particular priority to safeguarding and developing the cultural heritage associated with its birthplace, Fiskars Village. Founded in 1649, Fiskars Village evolved from the earliest times as an ironworks site to one of the biggest manufacturing sites of copper items in Finland in the late 1800’s century. The long history of Fiskars lives on in today’s development and gives the village its unique atmosphere. The rich natural surroundings and industrial heritage make the company’s birthplace an active and attractive center for both new inhabitants and visitors. The spirit of entrepreneurship not only creates workplaces and offers new services for visitors but also enriches village life. Like the company itself, the village has developed its own strong identity, renewing itself while honoring its long term heritage.

The village is also a home for art and design with over 100 artists, designers and craftsmen calling it home. Overall the village now enjoys international renown as a center of Finnish design and art, attracting around 150,000 visitors annually.

Our 2027 targets

  • Prolong the Fiskars Group career path of young talents by 25%
  • Women and men are equally enabled andengaged, with women’s enablement and engagement improved to the high-performing norm level (employee survey)
  • 70% of senior leader positions are filled by promoting internal talent
  • Zero Lost Time Incidents

Our 2027 targets

  • Prolong the Fiskars Group career path of young talents by 25%
  • Women and men are equally enabled andengaged, with women’s enablement and engagement improved to the high-performing norm level (employee survey)
  • 70% of senior leader positions are filled by promoting internal talent
  • Zero Lost Time Incidents