Sustainability in Fiskars Group

Fiskars Group was founded as an ironworks more than three and a half centuries ago. During our history, the company has been closely involved in the everyday life of the community; promoting healthcare, education and culture and taking care of the employees. Operating responsibly was considered essential for business continuity. This thinking continues to guide us today.

While the world has changed since and big steps have been taken forward in areas such as environmental protection, human rights, and employment standards, Fiskars Group continues to believe that sustainability is an integral part in building long-term success.

We have the opportunity to create a positive, lasting impact on our quality of life. This vision statement works as a constant reminder that we have a role to play in society, and encourages us to think beyond day-to-day activities regarding how to deliver value to our business, stakeholders, as well as the environment.

Through our brands and products we are intimately involved in our consumers’ everyday activities – everything from cooking and eating, gardening and experiencing the outdoors, to celebrations and festivities. We are present precisely where these everyday events are experienced, and where simple moments of delight happen. We aspire to enable a sustainable everyday life through our products and the way we operate. We aim to offer sustainable choices to help our consumers live more sustainably.