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February 10th, 2021 at 09.00am EET

The kitchenware service will expand to cover Iittala, Fiskars and Hackman

In February 2021, Fiskars Group's kitchenware service will expand to new product categories, as in addition to Arabia, also Iittala, Fiskars and Hackman products will be available in the service. Through the kitchenware service, tableware, cutlery, drinking glasses and cookware are available from the same service effortlessly for a monthly fee. The goal is to provide new alternatives to traditional ownership.

The kitchenware service provides an alternative to traditional ownership. Ecological choices, urbanization, small homes and ever-changing life situations are shaping the relationship with ownership. In particular, the young generations prefer sharing, borrowing and leasing. As a new tableware series can be chosen each year and the number of products can be adjusted according to the user's own needs as life situations change, the service offers a sustainable and convenient way to update the atmosphere at home by setting the table differently. The user's everyday life is made easier by the fact that the beloved series of Iittala, Fiskars, Arabia and Hackman are all available under the same service. The kitchenware service is a sustainable alternative to ownership and allows for complete reuse and recycling of products.

Circular economy brings an alternative to ownership

All brands involved in the kitchenware service are part of Fiskars Group. The company aims to fight throwaway culture by developing circular solutions to extend the joy they provide and to minimize the strain on the planet. The kitchenware service is a prime example of the new business opportunities Fiskars Group wants to promote and explore.

"Our goal is to combine all our services together and create a model that takes into account different life situations. We combine different products and services, thus making people's everyday lives easier. It is also important that we are able to manage the entire life cycle of the material in a sustainable and profitable way, from raw materials to reuse, recycling and further processing – over and over again,” stated Nora Haatainen, Director, New Business & Growth at Fiskars Group.

Tableware that customers return to the store is properly recycled for reuse or is sold via the Vintage service, which sells high quality second-hand Iittala and Arabia tableware at affordable prices.

Fiskars Group strives to test new solutions

Fiskars Group wants to be at the forefront of developing profitable circular economy business models and also to explore a wider willingness to cooperate with companies. 

"Companies interested in the business model solution can contact us at any time. We will map their interest and possibilities to start developing a solution that serves consumer needs to the fullest," Haatainen stated.

Values and consumer habits are changing, and companies must keep up with it. Fiskars Group boldly strives to test new solutions. The Iittala and Arabia Vintage service has quickly become an important – and quite popular – part of the operations of  Iittala stores in Finland.

"Testing out new services and business models is part of our strategy and offers excellent possibilities to excite consumers in a positive and sustainable manner," Haatainen continued.

Kitchenware service in a nutshell

In the kitchenware service, the user can choose Arabia tableware, Iittala tableware and glassware as well as serving products, Fiskars pots and pans, and Iittala and Hackman cutlery. To match different needs, the package size is available for between two and twelve people. The product series can be combined and tested to see if the dishes are pleasing to the eye or suitable for the interior.

The monthly subscription fee depends on the series and size of the set. The products are ordered online, and home delivered for extra convenience. The initial subscription is for one year, after which the customer can switch to another series, return the items to the store, or purchase items at a redemption price. If the customer needs more kitchenware during the year, new set can be ordered online at any time.

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Mirka Paasikangas
PR and Communications Manager