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March 18, 2019

Fiskars Group sets its sights on circular economy: Vintage to buy and sell previously owned Iittala and Arabia tableware

Fiskars introduces new Vintage service, which buys and re-sells old and used Iittala and Arabia tableware. Vintage will initially open in three stores and expand to other Iittala stores in Finland later this year. Fiskars Group is continuously exploring the opportunities circular economy provides, Vintage being a great example of this kind of new opening.

Iittala and Arabia everyday tableware can be found in almost every Finnish home. They have been bought, received as a gift, or inherited from previous generations. Vintage service buys used Iittala and Arabia branded tableware, which are set to sell on affordable price after quality inspection. Items that are broken or do not pass the quality inspection will be recycled. Ceramics will be grinded into powder, which is reused in brick production, whereas glass waste will be utilized as building insulation material.

Vintage starts March 18, 2019 at the Iittala & Arabia Design Centre Store in Arabianranta, Helsinki, as well as at Iittala Outlet Palokka in Jyväskylä. In April, Vintage will open at the Iittala Outlet Tammisto in Vantaa Later this year, Vintage is intended to be expanded to all the other Iittala stores in Finland. When customers bring their used items for sell to Iittala stores, they can decide, whether they want the compensation in cash or gift cards. The gift cards can be used at Iittala stores and Iittala Outlets.

“We piloted Vintage last year, and the feedback was excellent. Customers thought it was an easy and reliable way to recycle their old tableware and add vintage pieces to their collections. High-quality tableware can last from one generation to another, and timeless design is forever relevant,” says Nora Haatainen, Business Director in charge of Vintage.

“Sustainable consumption and the circular economy are at the core of Iittala and Arabia brands. We are proud to offer our customers high-quality, used alternatives in addition to completely new products,” Haatainen continues.

New opportunities created by circular economy

Circular economy is part of Fiskars Group’s sustainability programme, and the aim is to find new business opportunities based on it. Circular economy means a new way of thinking in which consumption is based on sharing, renting, recycling, and using services, instead of owning products and manufacturing new ones.

“We want to create a positive, lasting impact on the quality of life. We are looking into new business opportunities created by circular economy, trying to find solutions to extend the life cycle of materials, and optimising material usage in our products and packaging. Our aim is to reuse or recycle all the waste generated within our manufacturing facilities and send no waste to landfills. Lasting design is also a part of sustainable business,” Haatainen explains.

Circular economy is also seen as an interesting opportunity at the national level. In 2016, Finland was the first country in the world to publish a national circular economy road map, and in two years, it has become a leading country in this area. The Finnish World Circular Economy Forum is now the sector’s main event, and the updated version of the road map was released last week. Drawn up in collaboration between the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, Finnish ministries, and a range of other players, the road maps seek to harness the opportunities presented by circular economy.

Additional information: Nora Haatainen, Business Director, +358405862138,

Making the everyday extraordinary

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