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Outlook for 2017

Financial statement release 2016: Outlook for 2017

Fiskars expects the Group’s net sales, excl. net sales of businesses divested in 2016 (2016: EUR 1,180 million) and adjusted EBITA (2016: EUR 107 million) to increase from the previous year.

Fiskars operates globally, with a considerable part of the business in the U.S. Translation exposure may have a material impact on reported financial figures. The fourth quarter is significant both in terms of net sales and adjusted operating profit. The adjusted EBITA excludes restructuring costs, impairment charges, integration related costs, and gain and loss from the sale of businesses.

Fiskars’ Other segment includes investments, which are treated as financial assets at fair value through profit or loss. This increases the volatility of Fiskars’ financial items in the profit and loss statement and thus the volatility of Fiskars’ net results and earnings per share.