President and CEO

Fiskars Corporation has a Managing Director (President and CEO) who is responsible for the day-to-day management and administration of the Company in accordance with the Finnish Companies’ Act, the Company’s Articles of Association and the instructions and orders given by the Board and for reporting to the Board on the developments in the Company’s business operations and financial situation. The President and CEO is also responsible for ensuring that the Company’s accounting methods comply with the applicable law and that financial matters are managed in a reliable manner. The President and CEO is assisted in these duties by the Fiskars Group Leadership Team.

The President and CEO is appointed by the Board of Directors, which also decides on the terms and conditions of the President and CEO’s service contract.

Fiskars Group Leadership Team

Fiskars Group Leadership Team, previously Executive Leadership Team, consists of the following members:

  • Jaana Tuominen, President and CEO; President SBU Living (interim)
  • Sari Pohjonen, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Deputy to the CEO
  • Risto Gaggl, Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO)
  • Michael Halak, President, SBU Functional
  • Tuomas Hyyryläinen, Chief Growth Officer (CGO)
  • Niklas Lindholm, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)
  • Maija Taimi, SVP, Corporate Communications and Sustainability
  • Päivi Timonen, General Counsel

The Fiskars Group Leadership team assists the President and CEO with operational planning and leadership and in preparing matters to be processed by the Board of Directors.

The leadership team is responsible for preparing the Group’s strategy and annual planning, monitoring the performance against set targets and financial reporting and preparing significant investment, acquisition and other decisions. Developing a strong Fiskars culture and collaboration within the Group and promoting common development projects are also among the Group Leadership Team’s  key duties.

The Fiskars Group Leadership Team meets regularly, approximately once a month. The President and CEO is responsible for the decisions made by the leadership team, and the leadership team members are responsible for implementing the decisions in their own responsibility areas.


Updated August 6, 2019