Sourcing Engineer is a sourcing professional with good business insight and engineering knowledge and background. He/she is responsible to support implementation of the sourcing category strategy  across the Supplier Base. Sourcing Engineer is responsible for ensuring effective vendor base for the sourcing category. He/she secures best possible performance from Supplier Base for whole product life cycle from NPD to end of life. Sourcing Engineer contributes effectively from his/her best commercial and engineering knowledge in team of sourcing professionals and excels in collaboration also with various other stakeholders across organizations and cultures to achieve the goals.


1.Screening potential Vendors and technologies, sharing the knowledge with Sourcing Category Managers and NPD

2.Implementing sourcing category strategy in Vendor Base

3.Monitoring Vendor's performance ref. Targets and goals. Ensuring corrective action planning and implementation

4.Contributing Vendor Relationship Management. Contracting, audits, Vendor evaluation process. Vendor Development Programs. Participate monthly reviews. Regular Business Reviews (together with SM)

5.Securing cost competitiveness by cost break down analysis and efficient negotiation process with Vendors

6.Securing Vendor's capacity in long horizon (1-3 years) and supporting Procurement in short term supply constrains

7.Monitoring industry development in the region (technologies, increases of the cost factors etc). Controlling IPR and CoC violations

8.Supporting virtual sourcing category team and contributing in material area specific matrix team in Sourcing office

9.Translation of product specifications and control plans (during RFQ/RFP process)

10.Train suppliers and organization on new requirements, Fiskars Quality standards, customer experienced quality


  1. Education degree : University degree in mechanical engineering, other technical field, experience in sourcing, manufacturing, and quality control.
  2. 5-7 years relevant experience
  3. Total cost management, Negotiation skills, Strategic supplier management, Persuading & influencing skills, Category management, Process understanding & development, Quality & sustainability, Data/information analysis skills, Project management

JOB LOCATION : Bangkok, Thailand

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