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Our strategic priorities

To work towards our vision and mission, we have defined four strategic priorities for the next three years; growing the core, delivering omnichannel experiences, building global common capabilities and developing an inspiring working environment.

Growing the core

To be relevant in the global marketplace and build iconic brands we need to have a clear understanding of what is at the core of our business – and stay focused on it. To this end, we are making sure we sufficiently invest our time, effort, and other resources in our core portfolio of brands, markets and products.

Offering superior products based on innovation, lasting design and functionality remains at the core of our brands, and continues to be something we build on. Our key international brands: Fiskars, Gerber, Iittala, Royal Copenhagen, Waterford and Wedgwood form the cornerstones of our actions as we work towards realizing our vision.

Growing the core also means focusing and investing sufficiently in core markets that offer the best opportunities for value creation. Our Living business focuses on premium and luxury retail in large cities, where most of our consumers are. Functional products are mainly sold through large retailers and thus we are focusing on selling our solutions through national and international chains.

Delivering omnichannel experiences

Consumer centricity, whether it relates to innovation, marketing or product offering, needs to be the starting point. Today’s consumers come in contact with our brands via a vast variety of channels. Their experiences with each of our brands must be consistent, regardless of the country or the channel through which the consumer engages with us. To be able to deliver a consistent, omnichannel experience to consumers, we are working on unifying our offering and common priorities.

A thorough omnichannel approach is connected to everything we do – from designing products or solutions, developing our supply chain, working with our customers, building our own retail to supporting communications and marketing.

Building global common capabilities

Delivering on our mission and vision and building global brands requires global common capabilities. Our execution speed is dependent on our ability to share and utilize the knowledge of our employees across businesses and geographies. Through common priorities, increased transparency and shared capabilities and resources we aim to create efficiencies that will improve our business performance.

Cross-functional collaboration enables us to increase the execution speed of our strategy. Direct and respectful communications, market intimacy, learning from each other, sharing of success models and using common platforms enables us to leverage our competencies.

Developing an inspiring work environment

To execute the strategy for achieving our vision we employ people with the right competencies. To retain and attract the best people, we are investing in making Fiskars a truly attractive workplace. Being a global, multi-faceted company means we can offer interesting possibilities for professionals aiming to build their competences – which in turn contributes to Fiskars’ success.

As a global company, our key priority is to build a globally collaborative culture and make every day extraordinary for our employees as well. When we are passionate and inspired in what we do, we can truly flourish professionally.