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Fiskars’ mission is to build a family of iconic lifestyle brands. Consumers desire strong brands that share their values and aspirations. As such, our brands have a key role in our entire value chain and influence our actions – whether it is design, sales or marketing. Our portfolio has a number of strong brands which we aim to developed into truly iconic ones.

Strong brands can deliver a seamless, consistent and compelling experience. Consumers choose brands which are closest to their own values, that inspire them and best describe them as individuals and their personal aspirations. A trusted brand guarantees both quality and the experience, which is why they are desirable to consumers and why consumers are willing to invest in them.

We aim to build consistent brand experiences in every channel. Through digitalization the number of consumer touchpoints with our brands has increased. Consumers today may search for our products on their mobile phones while passing our flagship store – and in the next moment see our outdoor advertising.

Brands and strategy go hand in hand

Brands should be developed in harmony with the overall business strategy. We have been developing our brands consistently while ensuring that their unique identities are preserved. Each of our businesses is responsible for developing their own brands, and we cultivate the overall brand portfolio in alignment with our strategy. At every step, a brand’s development is carefully monitored and reviewed.

When developing Fiskars’ brands towards an iconic status we focus on growing the core by prioritizing our six core brands; Fiskars, Gerber, Iittala, Royal Copenhagen, Waterford and Wedgwood. These are already internationally renowned brands and have the power to have a cultural impact. We see these six brands as having the most potential to gain market share and conquer new markets globally. Our six core brands are complemented by our regional brands which have strong positions in their home markets and offer either aspirational or more affordable products to our aspiring consumers.

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