Our values

Fiskars Group’s purpose is to make the everyday extraordinary.

We believe that the small things we do each day have a big impact on us and our future. In 2019 we have been working together with our global team to discover the core values that connect us and that guide us towards the next 370 years.

We are making the everyday extraordinary by creating change, by celebrating the everyday, and by growing with compassion.

Creating change

In a constantly changing world, we have always had the courage to take the lead. We shape our own future.

Our creativity serves a purpose; we are making the everyday extraordinary. We make our own choices to create a positive, lasting impact on the quality of life.

We are not afraid to break the boundaries that hold us back. We strive to be our best selves by boldly blazing our own trails, learning and exploring together.

We’re at our most creative when we work together with our colleagues, our customers, and the consumer.

Celebrating the everyday

We’re present in the small moments of the everyday. We appreciate the little things we do, as we know they have a big impact on us and our future.

We are always ready to share a laugh, but know that also the silent notes are meaningful.

Regardless if we succeed or fail, we take the time to celebrate the effort that we put into the task, and the lessons we learned together. We see opportunities in every challenge.

We value the connections we share, with our colleagues and with the consumer, and always seek for opportunities to exchange thoughts and thanks.​

Growing with compassion

We know that by looking at the world from the perspective of others we can become the best at what we do.

We are ambitious but never ruthless.

We care, and even the small gestures do matter.

We are a diverse group of people, supporting each other and challenging each other, making the everyday extraordinary for people just as unique and extraordinary as we are.

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards because we know our actions always have an impact.​​