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Bringing smart functionality to every day

Smart Everyday Functionality describes Fiskars brand promise. Smart is not only the design and appeal, but also the innovation − that extra little feature that solves a problem or makes things work better. SBU Functional provides tools for use in and around the house as well as outdoors, and consists of brands such as Fiskars, Gerber and Gilmour and a number of regional and local brands.  Fiskars is the world’s leading scissors and garden cutting tool brand. In Europe, the brand also offers kitchen tools and in the Americas, products for school, office and craft.

Our orange handled Classics have been the gold standard since their introduction in 1967, and are undisputedly the world's number one scissors today. Fiskars scissors product category has kept its improved classics and brought novelties to the market that supplement the offering.

Fiskars products are easy to access for all consumers through mass distribution. We focus on intensive distribution to ensure our growth strategy through scale and our aim is to ensure that Fiskars scissors, knives, and utensils can be found in every supermarket.

Reinventing gardening 

Fiskars is a globally leading brand in garden hand tools, focusing on functional, easy to use tools that make the gardening experience more enjoyable. Our mission is to reinvent the user experience through uniquely functional and user-friendly solutions and to become the global number one.

In America, we are the number one brand in pruners, loppers and hedge shears and our products are easy to find in the top North American retailers. Innovative product development, strong relationships with retail customers, and increased brand awareness among end users has positioned us well for continued growth in the marketplace.

In Europe we have reached our goal of developing the Fiskars brand into one of the two leading brands for garden hand tools, and now our focus is to strengthen our footprint. During the last three years we have successfully built international brand awareness through targeted marketing campaigns and consistently increased our market share.

Expanding presence

Rationalization of our brand portfolio and offering is an important part of our strategy for achieving future growth.

Fiskars garden tools can be found in almost every home improvement and garden store and it is our strategy to intensify our collaboration with all our customers. While the overall trend for them is to cut down the numbers of suppliers, we have managed to strengthen our position and expand our product listings. We aim to leverage our position in garden tools to introduce kitchen tools to the European market. We continue to invest in Central European markets and through consolidated marketing efforts achieve enduring success throughout the region and onwards globally.

For us it is critical to outperform the competition in the area of innovation and offering renewal. Hence we have increased our new product development resources, built a new test laboratory and an international network with gardening schools and construction related institutions. Our role is foremost to be the dynamic developer of innovative solutions - this is what consumers and the trade expects from us.

Unstoppable Gerber

Gerber a leader in knives and multi-tools, offers a wide range of innovative, reliable and essential products for people on the move.

To develop innovative products that meet this standard, we are dedicated to rigorous end user research uncovering our customers' needs and desires. This includes observing them engaging in specific activities, listening to their preferences and their frustrations, and testing our solutions in the same manner that they are ultimately used. This research is the foundation of our design process, and a major reason our brand continues to be trusted by discerning consumers throughout the world.

Our objective is to build a global brand platform for Gerber, with a special focus on expanding footprint in Europe and Asia-Pacific. Other key initiatives include the launch of user-centric products, programs, packaging and merchandising solutions within an “activity-based” framework, which suppors expansion of the portfolio and simplification of the consumer shopping experience.