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Responsible supplier

Fiskars is a global company producing high quality products regardless of country of origin

To complement in-house manufacturing, Fiskars has developed a network of external suppliers. These are seen as long-term partners and are selected on the basis of their capability to support Fiskars' quality, supply chain, cost, and technical targets with flexibility. Fiskars personnel from local sourcing offices and business areas work in close cooperation with our suppliers.

Design, high quality, safety, and durability are factors why our products are chosen. Meeting these high demands internally helps us to support our suppliers to achieve them too. Changes in the market demand can be rapid, and this requires great flexibility from Fiskars. Efficient combination of our own sites and supplier sites has proven to be an optimum solution for us. At the same time, it is a challenging task to ensure that design, availability of products at the right place at the right time, quality, price, and other factors are in balance.

We recognize that our products have an iconic position in some countries and that the responsible practices of our suppliers is a sensitive and important topic. We aim to have a competitive and sustainable supply chain, which we can openly communicate about, and respond to consumers’ concerns. Fiskars pursues long-term profitable business in an ethical, responsible and sustainable manner.

Yearly conference with the Suppliers

Fiskars Supplier Code of Conduct

We are committed to support our partners in ensuring that working conditions in the supply chain are safe, workers treated with respect and dignity and business operations are environmentally and ethically sustainable. These principles are outlined in our Supplier Code of Conduct document, which covers all our finished goods suppliers. Fiskars Supplier Code of Conduct sets a high ambition level for us and our partners' sustainability efforts. Fiskars Sourcing Managers are closely involved in the Supplier Code of Conduct work as a part of their business responsibility, and we work in close cooperation with our suppliers to help them understand and implement the changes required.

Suppliers are required to follow Fiskars Supplier Code of Conduct document, and audits have been carried out to verify compliance, since 2009. Suppliers shall commit in all their activities to operate in full compliance with the laws, rules and regulations of the countries in which they operate. Suppliers shall also commit to comply with Fiskars Supplier Code of Conduct by signing it. Subcontracting is prohibited without written consent of Fiskars. In the case of subcontracting, suppliers shall ensure that subcontractors fulfill the complete requirements stated in the Fiskars Suppliers Code of Conduct.

Fiskars is committed to continuous improvement in promoting corporate responsibility and sustainability. Suppliers’ performance in corporate responsibility will be enhanced by using a systematic development program. Fiskars gives preference to suppliers, which are socially and environmentally progressive.

Focus is on extended responsibility

Fiskars has a long-term relationship with its suppliers and clear procedures on how we evaluate and audit our suppliers and how violations are corrected.

In addition to Europe and the U.S., Fiskars has global sourcing expertise in China, Taiwan and Thailand, located close to our suppliers. The close location and collaboration help to continuously improve corporate responsibility and sustainability within the supply network. This includes the implementation and follow-up of Fiskars Supplier Code of Conduct, development of operating models in co-operation with suppliers, and daily co-operation with our suppliers. Fiskars personnel in the regional sourcing offices located in Bangkok and Shanghai, the global sourcing team, and our business units work directly with our suppliers. Using agents between us and suppliers is an exception.

For monitoring compliance Fiskars uses a comprehensive audit checklist, against which the corporate responsibility performance is verified and benchmarked. Supplier's performance is described with a score. Before Fiskars decides to start business with a supplier in any risk country (based on OECD definition), an extensive on-site audit is required. 

If deviations occur in the audits with existing suppliers we ask the supplier to submit corrective action plans. External auditors are used for audits in countries where we do not have expertise and for calibration of our internal auditor pool.  

We have certain zero tolerance questions that we act upon immediately. Vendors that score less than 70% in Supplier Code of Conduct or have zero tolerance violations cannot be opened for business with Fiskars.  If our vendor does not show willingness or capability to comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct we need to end our business relations. Decision to close a vendor is taken on high level in our organization to ensure fair treatment of vendors.