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Managing sustainability

Responsible business requires that our internal operations are in order. It goes without saying that we follow international regulations and standards relevant to our operations.

To successfully implement our sustainability strategy, we aim to build an organization-wide culture of sustainability with focus on the environment, respect for human rights and ethical business conduct.

Fiskars’ sustainability agenda is driven by the company’s Executive Board. The Head of Corporate Communications and Corporate Responsibility is responsible for coordinating group wide efforts and reporting on sustainability matters. Leaders of the Supply Chain, Business Regions and Business Units, together with the respective teams, are responsible for the day to day operations and monitoring progress.  

Policies and commitments

The principles underlying Fiskars approach to corporate responsibility are defined in our Code of Conduct. All our employees take part in training on these principles regularly. We have management systems in place covering labor conditions, occupational health and safety and environmental standards. To ensure product safety, we have introduced risk assessment procedures, against which all new products are tested. Our global Supplier Code of Conduct states the ethical requirements our suppliers are expected to fulfill. Fiskars has been involved in an industry-wide energy efficiency project since 2008, committing the company to a 10% reduction in energy usage at Fiskars Living Products' production sites in Finland by 2016.