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Employee engagement and wellbeing

Employee engagement 

At Fiskars, we aim to excel in our performance, and be a high performing company. It is thus important for us to know how engaged our personnel is, how they experience our daily successes and any potential obstacles.

We conduct global employee surveys among all our employees every other year. For Fiskars, the employee survey is the key tool to systematically understand how engaged our employees are, where the company is performing well and what the development areas are.  The survey also acts as one of the key opportunities for our employees to influence and get their opinions heard. Our employee engagement survey gives us both success stories to be proud of, and also highlights the areas where we can improve.

Engagement as a word describes both the emotional and intellectual involvement and the right conditions that enable us to be excited and do our best each day. Fiskars’ leadership is committed to promoting this engagement by encouraging excitement and enthusiasm among our personnel and strengthening the elements of a high performing company. We consider employee diversity an important asset for us, as our employees mirror the consumers buying and using our products around the world. Therefore, we encourage diversity and multi-cultural insight in our business operations.


At Fiskars, we understand that wellbeing is not only the responsibility of the employee, but also something which the company needs to contribute to actively. With committed employees whose work history in the company may span over several decades, we take an interest in their wellbeing and want to help them keep fit for every-day challenges. One needs to feel safe and appreciated by colleagues, stress needs to be on a tolerable level, and one needs to be physically fit for the tasks one is responsible for.

Fiskars Orange Thumb helping out in Iittala village

Fiskars Orange Thumb helping out in Iittala village