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Fiskars' approach to sustainability

Responsible business has been the cornerstone of Fiskars’ long-term success and the company’s over 365-year heritage. Lasting design since 1649 – forms part of the same continuum.

Lasting design and functionality of Fiskars products form the foundation of Fiskars' sustainability thinking. In 2011, we defined our sustainability approach and focus areas to lead the organization towards common sustainability goals. At the same time we  agreed on a sustainability strategy, and the roles and responsibilities for executing it.

Fiskars sustainability direction

Fiskars' mission is to enrich lives with lasting products that increase enjoyment and solve everyday problems through their functionality, innovation and design. We want to run and grow our business in a sustainable manner, taking care of the people and the environment around us.

We aspire to enable a sustainable everyday life through our products and the way we operate. Our products shall support our customers' sustainable choices at home, in the garden, and outdoors. In product development, we consider the environmental aspects throughout the product lifecycle.

Environmental aspects are considered in all business decisions, and we strive to minimize our impact on environment in our business operations.